Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Collection: Pastoralism

Hey everybody! I hope you're enjoying the summer as much as I have been so far. I know I always work so much better when it's baking hot. Maybe it's because I lived in Florida for so long. . .

Anyway I'd like to introduce you to The I Do Declare summer 2011 collection! This collection is inspired by the general theme of pastoralism. Even though I live in a city it's wonderful to dream of afternoon picnics in the countryside. That's what I'm hoping to evoke with these summer pieces.

My model promptly dubbed it an 'ice-cream dress' because the colors remind her so much of her favorite ice-cream flavors!The model is 5'1"
The wide hat is vintage
The straw top-hat is one I made for fun

How do you like the first new dress?

I'm going to try to be more active. . . posting my sketches and pictures as I work on things! Sorry for not posting more often!