Thursday, January 12, 2012

For my Sweets: REDxGOLD

Red and gold is possibly my favorite color combination. It's elegant, vibrant and it can read as something military in a flashy 18th century sort of way.

Can you guess what sort of sweet she is? A Napoleon! I know it doesn't really look like a napoleon at all but I really love making things with a military style. And I just had to do something with this fantastic gold brocade. Under the jacket the dress has a very low scoop neck that is just perfect for setting off your favorite blouse.

The blouse is one of my favorites. The ruffle at the neck frames the face is such a delicate way, and the ruffles cuffs make hands look so dainty! I like the very feminine blouse with the more severe dress and jacket too.

The Jacket is a very fine 100% wool twill and is lined with silk. My obsession with peplums is showing again here. I love those elegant 18th century riding suits. I was hoping to bring something like that to mind with this outfit.

I hope you guys like this outfit too~!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


The next piece from the show I'd like to share is another of the first ones I made. The theme for this outfit was a lavender petit four. I just adore those dainty little tea cakes!

This look started out as something that was supposed to look very regency. . and without the jacket and the bonnet I think it does! Sadly I forgot to get pictures of just the dress! With the brocade jacet and bonnet I think the look moves more into an 1830s-ish style. I know a lot of people find that decade rather unfortunate for women's clothing but I find it so charming!

The model is Victoria of Parfait Doll! She's such a sweetheart to model for me again. I really think the lavender floral pattern in the jacket and the bonnet suits her. I really love working with heavy fabrics like brocades, so jackets and winter weight dresses are some of my favorite things to make.

This was my first time making a buckram base bonnet instead of a straw summer bonnet. This one didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to. I may still add more lace and a ruffle around the face, but all in all it came out petty well for my first try.

The back of the jacket has a split peplum. I'm a big fan of peplums on jackets worn with lolita. I think it adds that little bit of extra femininity without going to far over the top. The lace used on the hem (and sleeves and collar) of the dress is a fantastic vintage lace I found. I wish I'd bought all of it when I found it! I split what I had between this dress and a commission I was working on at the same time. It looks like stylized leaves. It's so perfect for romantic looks.

I hope you guys liked this look~!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hi everyone, I hope you all had great holidays. I was fortunate enough to get to visit my family in Florida. It put me in the summer state of mind and got me thinking about what to make for the summer collection!

Anyway, here is the next piece from the winter collection. This one is light and fluffy! The dress is made of a very fine shear netting with the most gorgeous embroidery. The roundness of the embroidery at the hem made me think of cinnamon rolls. I decided to run with it and give the model cinnamon roll hair as well.

The yoke, collar and sleeves are all sheer. I kind of like the peek-a-boo effect while keeping it still completely modest.

This is one of the first pieces I made for this collection, as you might be able to tell one of the original inspirations was the regency period. Of course as I was working on other pieces I couldn't keep the rococo from creeping in!

I hope you guys like it~!

p.s.: What would you like to see in summer? I thought it might be fun to make some really light floaty shirt-dresses.