Friday, August 6, 2010

Photos of IDD looks from the Otakon show!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share these AMAZING photos from the show with you~!
They are all courtesy of Photographer Stacey Besst! All credit for these fantastic shots goes to her (just comment here and I can email you her contact info)

A few of my favorite pieces all together as an outfit! The Unicorn skirt is something you can commission me to make as is the blouse!This is the female version of the Cheshire cat outfit from Dances of Vice! Possibly one of my favorites!

You have all seen this dress before! But now it's accompanied by a straw bonnet.

This was a mixing of a few looks from the Dances of Vice show! I like how it came out.

Pink rococo ensemble: Saque backed dress and three tiered underskirt.

Bianca looks so stunning in this outfit~! I absolutely adore her~!
More items in this knight fabric will be available. . . it's going to be a key feature in my winter line this year.

Thank you all for reading!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Otakon went fantasticly~! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the Lolita fashion show! I think despite a few problems it went really well! I don't have any good pictures from the show yet but here are a few of my outfits (head to ankle IDD)
Thursday was a super casual day: My favorite hat and unicorn skirt and an old mens shirt that I chopped apart and turned into my new favorite button down
Friday was the fashion show ( pic impending) and i didn't get a shot of my outfit

Saturday was pirate day for me~! So I wore my new Rococo gown bustled up over an IDD underskirt topped off with as many pearls as I could fit around my neck.

Saturday night I wandered around in manly pirate attire (this is a look from the IDD fashion show~!)

And Sunday I decided to do a little twist on sailor lolita and make it 1770's Naval lolita~! Pirates beware~! Once again it's all IDD items except for my shoes~!

Thanks again to everyone involved in the show and everyone who came to see it~!