Monday, March 26, 2012

Model recruiting!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I Do Declare is looking for a few good people in the NYC area to model for us in a fashion show at the end of April! All sizes and genders are welcome.

If you are interested please send an email with a picture, your height, measurements, and shoe size to

Thank you

Thursday, March 15, 2012

For my Sweets: MERINGUExGOLD

Just three more looks from the show left~! Here is one of my personal favorites. A white matte/satin stripe dress trimmed with gold lace and chiffon ruffles and (my number one piece in the show) a white chiffon blouse with fantastic billowy sleeves and a removable jabot.

The front and back of the dress bodice are cut in chevrons again, much like the yellow dress. There are eight yards of six inch wide gold lace and seven yards of gold braid along the ruffles and neckline of this dress. I really love white and gold together. I'm hoping to add more blouses like this to future collections.

I hope you all liked this look too~!


Hello lovelies~! Here is another look from the Dances of Vice show in December! For once I finally did some boystyle. If you know me in everyday life you'll know that I ADORE menswear. I love button down shirts, menswear fabrics, and above all else I love bow ties~! This particular look was originally supposed to be worn by a man. . but sadly it had to be switched at the last second. The lovely Koda of Perinath stepped up the the plate and wore this look for me.

The salopette is made in a very fine black wool with red pinstripes and it's lined in red as well. The shirt is a men's style peter-pan collar shirt with red and taupe stripes.

I love salopettes because they are so comfortable! And i love the practicality. I made this one with roomy pockets for everything you need to carry!

The bow tie, hat, and shoes are all vintage, but in the summer collection I'm hoping to make my own bow ties! I hope you all liked this look!

Monday, March 5, 2012

For my Sweets: SUGARxCAKE

This look was inspired by fancy frosted layer cakes! I picked this satin and matte stripe to look a little like the layers themselves.

The blouse is made from the most delicate white swiss-dotted cotton with a matching jabot and bow in her hair. I really love making blouses like this. It has a small peterpan collar that was designed to be worn with a bow tie! At the last minute I decided I liked the little jabot better then a yellow bowtie.

The hem is scalloped and trimmed with this adorable vintage Venice lace. It makes me think of delicate piped frosting designs.

The front and back of the bodice are cut so that the striped in the material come together in chevrons. haha I love making bodices like this! I'm sure it's clear by now since whenever I work with striped material I always manage to work chevrons into the front or the back of bodies!
I hope you guys liked this look too~!