Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dances of Vice: Secret Life of Toys PHOTOS!

So remember the show I posted about last time? IT WENT PERFECTLY! The models were wonderful, The girls doing hair and makeup were fantastic and the venue was (as all DOVs are) spectacular!

And now to share photos of the wonderful event!
Yanise (of BakaNekoYani) opened the show wearing my favorite white Op and bonnet. She looks so inanimate just like a living doll. It was just the way I'd imagined it!

Dalin of La Vida Frills wears a bittersweet outfit with a velvet bodice and the skirt made of my favorite pink and mint green striped fabric. I'm always looking for an excuse to make something from this! The blouse is a pattern I've just finished perfecting. Expect to see more! I love the giant bow at the neck.

Rei is wearing one of my favorite rococo styles with a slightly lower waist and a saque back. She looked so elegant!

Victoria of Lolita Charm modeled a new rococo look that was featured in Dalin's thesis film, La Fille De L'avenir (The Daughter of the Future)! You can check out La Vida Frills for more info. I'm so excited for the release!

Kelly wore a new dress inspired by Bunka Dolls. This length is fast becoming my favorite in the winter! I was so facinated by the dolls that I made a miniature one that Kelly has in her hair.

Bianca of Curly B modeled the long sleeve version of my favorite OP in black. She did makeup for half of he girls alongside my friend Claudia. She did a spectacular job! Her makeup in her Halloween post insipred the makeup looks for the show!

Zoh of Morrigan NYC wore a new button down coat/dress. She has on little prince pants underneath! She looked so good on the runway! Morrigan has just realesed a spiffy new line inspired by Herman Melville's epic masterwork Moby Dick!

The Chess JSK styled a little differently. Poor Sylvia got thrown onto the runway when one of my models couldn't make it. She did so well! She also did many of the girls hairstyles!

Jean is wearing a new drop waisted OP with long sleeves for winter with a matching tri-corn and a vintage stole (it was my great grandmothers)

The Green Knight dress. The way Koda wears it is kind of 1960's royalty don't you think?

The War of the Roses dress makes another showing. I thought it suited the toyland theme well.

Martha of Moss Garden in a military look with a striped blouse and another matching tri-corn. I'm in love with stripes right now.

And here I am with the hostess Shien (who also sported IDD for the evening)

A huge thanks to Micheal Blase for the runway shots!

And here are some photos that show a little more detail.

All of the following photos are by Bryan Kwon.

I hope you all enjoyed everything!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dances of Vice: Secret Life of Toys

I am so pleased to announce that an I Do Declare fashion show will be part of the upcoming Dances of Vice: The Secret Life of Toys extravaganza! I hope any of you lovely people in the NY metro area will come out to see the show. All of the acts are fabulous!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GIVEAWAY RESULTS and a new Etsy update

Finally the long awaited results of the 100 follower giveaway~! I wrote down all of your names on little slips of paper and my roomie drew the winners from my favorite boater hat.



Caro-Chan gets a hand printed I Do Declare t-shirt featuring a tudor rose flanked by rampant Unicorns and a matching Unicorn tote bag!

Rocking Hearses gets a Unicorn tote bag!

Just shoot me an email at with your addresses ladies and I'll get your prizes out to you!

And a new update on the ETSY~! Now featuring all of the items shown at the Never Ending Closet show.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Items up at the etsy shop~!

I wanted to let everyone know that I've posted some of the items from the recent show up for sale! The rest will be available for sale by tomorrow night! (I just ran out of light while taking pictures)

In other news: What are you going to be for Halloween?

In keeping with my recent Tudor obsession I'm going to be Henry VIII! I'll probably look more like Tilda Swinton in Orlando though (but nowhere near as hot)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Ending Closet show! And a Giveaway~!

I'm back form vacation and my sick bed (bad cold) and I'm happy to share some shots of the outfits from the Never-ending Closet show at New York Comic Con!

The Knight Print on this JSK was the inspiration for a whole medieval themed pocket collection! Modeled by the stunning Bianca of Curly B!

The skirt on this JSK is made of sixteen alternating panels of red and blue with Tudor roses, unicorns and fleur de lis! All are hand printed. Modeled by Lindsay of Lolitas N' Cream.

Chess print jsk. This one is a one of! I can't make any more because it's made from this fantastic vintage fabric I found! Modeled by The amazing Laura (who I idolize)

This OP was meant to mimic armor. It is made of a very stiff herring bone fabric. The Fleur de Lis is hand printed. Modeled by Angelica! She has the most fabulous hair!

And the finale look! I really love strapless dresses with lolita. . .I know it doesn't really follow any of the rules but it's so attractive! This dress has a split in the front and the under-layer is hand printed with Tudor roses! I really love the layered five petaled rose as a motif. Modeled by Jean.

I hope you guys liked the little pocket collection~! I'm getting back on my normal rococo track for the next few pieces. Most of these will be listed on my etsy within the next week!

I'd also like to announce A GIVEAWAY in honor of 100 followers~!
Just comment on this post then I'll put all the names into a hat and pull the lucky winner! The prize will be a t-shirt and matching tote featuring my antique unicorn print and my favorite Tudor rose! I'll be making the announcement for the winner in two weeks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of town and an upcoming show~!

Hey there everyone! Wow we have are almost 100 followers now! Perhaps a giveaway is in order . . . . XD

I wanted to leave a little note saying that I'll be away for the next week (Sept. 25th - Oct 1st) so I won't be able to answer any questions or ship out any orders. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

In other news I Do Declare has been selected to be part of the New York Anime Festival Lolita fashion show The Never Ending Closet! I'm really excited about the collection for this show as it draws a lot of inspiration from medeival/tudor heraldry. I hope to be able to share a little sneak peek with you guys before I go out of town.

I Do Declare will also have a booth at New york Anime festival! This year I'm honored to be sharing my booth with Morrigan NYC! Stop by and say hello to us if you happen to be at the convention!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Photos of IDD looks from the Otakon show!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share these AMAZING photos from the show with you~!
They are all courtesy of Photographer Stacey Besst! All credit for these fantastic shots goes to her (just comment here and I can email you her contact info)

A few of my favorite pieces all together as an outfit! The Unicorn skirt is something you can commission me to make as is the blouse!This is the female version of the Cheshire cat outfit from Dances of Vice! Possibly one of my favorites!

You have all seen this dress before! But now it's accompanied by a straw bonnet.

This was a mixing of a few looks from the Dances of Vice show! I like how it came out.

Pink rococo ensemble: Saque backed dress and three tiered underskirt.

Bianca looks so stunning in this outfit~! I absolutely adore her~!
More items in this knight fabric will be available. . . it's going to be a key feature in my winter line this year.

Thank you all for reading!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Otakon went fantasticly~! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the Lolita fashion show! I think despite a few problems it went really well! I don't have any good pictures from the show yet but here are a few of my outfits (head to ankle IDD)
Thursday was a super casual day: My favorite hat and unicorn skirt and an old mens shirt that I chopped apart and turned into my new favorite button down
Friday was the fashion show ( pic impending) and i didn't get a shot of my outfit

Saturday was pirate day for me~! So I wore my new Rococo gown bustled up over an IDD underskirt topped off with as many pearls as I could fit around my neck.

Saturday night I wandered around in manly pirate attire (this is a look from the IDD fashion show~!)

And Sunday I decided to do a little twist on sailor lolita and make it 1770's Naval lolita~! Pirates beware~! Once again it's all IDD items except for my shoes~!

Thanks again to everyone involved in the show and everyone who came to see it~!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Otakon and some fab cards~!

The Otakon Lolita show is happening! I'm pleased to announce for sure that the 2010 Otakon Lolita fashion will be going on this year!
I Do Declare will be showing new looks alongside Morrigan NYC, Perinanth, O so Wrong O so Right and Lolita Nouveau!

I'm really excited to have all these wonderful designers along for the ride this year! If you happen to be attending Otakon this yeat please stop by and say hello after the show~!

And I will for the first time ever be prepared with bussiness cards! They aren't to fancy but I think they are cute (in a darkish sort of way)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Otakon Lolita Fashion show 2010

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that the Lolita Fashion sow at Otakon will be going on this year! But we need models~! This will be your chance to model for some of the best lolita brands in the US~!

So if you are going to to Otakon and would like to be involved please fill out the model form HERE

If you are going to Otakon but don't have a livejournal feel free to fill out the model form and leave it as a comment here~!

LJ username:
Photos: (please make sure at least one picture is a clear full body shot so that your designer will have an idea what kind of figure you have)
Email address:

Thanks everyone~!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reminder about Lolita Day!

Happy Loli day everyone! I wanted to remind anyone in the NYC area again that I'll be doing a panel with Zoh of Morigan NYC today at the Kinokuniya bookstore on 6th ave between 40th and 41st streets!

The give away is going to be epic! Zoh has hand embroidered a tote with her signature Raven print and I'm offering up a Brand new I Do Declare skirt in my new favorite fabric!

I hope to see you there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New item heads up~!

Hey everyone! I'm happy to introduce a new pattern to I Do Declare! What do you think? I wanted to make something really light and easy for people to wear in summer.. . so often lolita is a real pain when it gets hot outside. It's made out of and lined with a very light cotton lawn. It may become my signature fabric this season beacause of how breezy it is!

A collar detail shot. I'm falling back in love with pintucks! And Snazzy buttons. . . and really soft grosgrain ribbon.
And here it is in action! This dress will be available in a few different prints on my etsy within a few days! It's also available for commission(though message on etsy) in the fabric of your choice! Sadly right now I can only make it in two sizes (bust: 35 waist: 28 and bust: 37 waist: 30) I'm working on drafting patterns for larger sizes though!

I hope you like it!