Monday, August 2, 2010


Otakon went fantasticly~! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the Lolita fashion show! I think despite a few problems it went really well! I don't have any good pictures from the show yet but here are a few of my outfits (head to ankle IDD)
Thursday was a super casual day: My favorite hat and unicorn skirt and an old mens shirt that I chopped apart and turned into my new favorite button down
Friday was the fashion show ( pic impending) and i didn't get a shot of my outfit

Saturday was pirate day for me~! So I wore my new Rococo gown bustled up over an IDD underskirt topped off with as many pearls as I could fit around my neck.

Saturday night I wandered around in manly pirate attire (this is a look from the IDD fashion show~!)

And Sunday I decided to do a little twist on sailor lolita and make it 1770's Naval lolita~! Pirates beware~! Once again it's all IDD items except for my shoes~!

Thanks again to everyone involved in the show and everyone who came to see it~!


  1. Aughhhhh that white&yellow pirate outfit DDD: Do want!! You look great in all of them~ I'm so glad the show was a success!

  2. I just love everything you make! To be honest, you're one of my favorite lolita brands. One day I'd love to own something you've made!

  3. You know I love them all, but the last one is just so awesome @n@


  4. I glad I wasn't there otherwise you would not have that black pirate jacket. I would be rolling in it's awesomeness in a corner.

  5. Too amazing *__________* <33333 That last outfit is really amazing. Kelsey, you rule *o*

  6. Lovely clothes! I'm in love with your last outfit <333 I think because I'm such a history nerd, haha.

    (I found your blog from my friend Rachel who modeled for you for Otakon)

  7. I love the last one, but did not get to see it in person. I love the use of stripes. I wish I could have made it to the trunk show. The other coordinates are lovely and I don't think the photos do them justice. (PS. Still not sure what the best way to get ahold of you with regards to comissions is. Tried etsy.)

  8. Thanks everyone!
    @aria: I love you Aria~!!!!!
    @Petrina: haha it's almost exactly like your coat . . .just way to big for you!
    @Winterdark: Thank you! I'm a huge nerd for history as well! haha Can you tell I like the late 1700's best?

    @thisghostlife: hey lady! What was your name on etsy? I just responded to all of the queries.