Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dances of Vice: Secret Life of Toys PHOTOS!

So remember the show I posted about last time? IT WENT PERFECTLY! The models were wonderful, The girls doing hair and makeup were fantastic and the venue was (as all DOVs are) spectacular!

And now to share photos of the wonderful event!
Yanise (of BakaNekoYani) opened the show wearing my favorite white Op and bonnet. She looks so inanimate just like a living doll. It was just the way I'd imagined it!

Dalin of La Vida Frills wears a bittersweet outfit with a velvet bodice and the skirt made of my favorite pink and mint green striped fabric. I'm always looking for an excuse to make something from this! The blouse is a pattern I've just finished perfecting. Expect to see more! I love the giant bow at the neck.

Rei is wearing one of my favorite rococo styles with a slightly lower waist and a saque back. She looked so elegant!

Victoria of Lolita Charm modeled a new rococo look that was featured in Dalin's thesis film, La Fille De L'avenir (The Daughter of the Future)! You can check out La Vida Frills for more info. I'm so excited for the release!

Kelly wore a new dress inspired by Bunka Dolls. This length is fast becoming my favorite in the winter! I was so facinated by the dolls that I made a miniature one that Kelly has in her hair.

Bianca of Curly B modeled the long sleeve version of my favorite OP in black. She did makeup for half of he girls alongside my friend Claudia. She did a spectacular job! Her makeup in her Halloween post insipred the makeup looks for the show!

Zoh of Morrigan NYC wore a new button down coat/dress. She has on little prince pants underneath! She looked so good on the runway! Morrigan has just realesed a spiffy new line inspired by Herman Melville's epic masterwork Moby Dick!

The Chess JSK styled a little differently. Poor Sylvia got thrown onto the runway when one of my models couldn't make it. She did so well! She also did many of the girls hairstyles!

Jean is wearing a new drop waisted OP with long sleeves for winter with a matching tri-corn and a vintage stole (it was my great grandmothers)

The Green Knight dress. The way Koda wears it is kind of 1960's royalty don't you think?

The War of the Roses dress makes another showing. I thought it suited the toyland theme well.

Martha of Moss Garden in a military look with a striped blouse and another matching tri-corn. I'm in love with stripes right now.

And here I am with the hostess Shien (who also sported IDD for the evening)

A huge thanks to Micheal Blase for the runway shots!

And here are some photos that show a little more detail.

All of the following photos are by Bryan Kwon.

I hope you all enjoyed everything!


  1. Everyone, everything, amazing <3 I'm so sad I missed this! Really though, I am in awe of how fantastic everyone looks!

    good job to everyone!!

  3. Awesome! HUGE BONNETS~ I love the dress Victoria's modeling, so cool!

  4. Lovely! As always. Wish I could be there.

  5. Great photos! Those dresses are gorgeous.