Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's that time of year: OTAKON

Hi everyone~!

The time for Otakon is fast approaching and although the schedule for events has not been posted yet I thought it would be fun to let you know what I Do Declare will be doing at the convention~!

Friday is the lolita tea party at The Explorers Lounge~! It's sponsored by Morrigan NYC, Perianth, Moss Garden, Tea, Love and Crochet and I Do Declare. It's a very elegant place and I can't wait to enjoy it's opulence with some fellow lolitas. I Do declare will be contributing to the gift bags! One for every attendee~! I'm also working on a super secret raffel prize~! I hope everyone got their tickets already because all the spots are sold out.

I Do Declare will also be featured in the Lolita Fashion show. Sadly we don't have a time or day for it yet but I just know it's going to be fantastic. This year IDD is showing alongside some of the most talented people I know: Morrigan NYC, Lily of the Valley, Little Macaroon, Corazon Carmela, Perianth, Candy Threads, Lolita Nouveau, and one other~! I'll be posting the date and time as soon as I know it.

I'll also have an I Do Declare booth in the Artists Alley with Morrigan NYC~! I hope you'll all stop by to say hello~! I'll be selling little things (t-shirts, tote bags and accessories) along with a few lolita pieces.

I hope to see everyone at the convention!


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  1. sounds really fun, I'm going to my first con in September, because it's finally are going to be held in my hometown!