Tuesday, September 22, 2009


haha Same title as last time.

Anyway, my fabric came! I wanted to hold off posting about this until I took a decent picture of it, but I've decided to just go ahead!
I had four yards of my custom heraldry print fabric made and I couldn't be happier! It's printed on 100% organic cotton sateen so it's just the right weight for a lolita skirt. The details in the design came out so wonderfully but next time I think i may have it printed just a tad larger so it's easier to see.

I've started making a sample skirt, so if all goes well you'll see not only pictures of the fabric tomorrow but pictures of the first skirt~!

In other news anyone in the NYC area please come see me at New York Anime Festival! I'll have a table in the artists alley where you'll be able to see the first Heraldry skirt and pre-order one of your own! I'll be doing custom sizes to start with though because of the way it's printed I'll only be able to make skirts with waist sizes up to 30" and 22" long.

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