Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Heraldry Skirt

I finished the sample skirt yesterday!

I really couldn't be happier with it! (except that I need grey thread instead of black XD)

I made the waistband a little wider and reinforced it with a double layer of interfacing so it's won't do that annoying fold over thing that most lolita skirt seem to do. It has an invisible side zip and it's lined. It's also very full, the hem circumfrnence is over 9 feet!

Here are a few more detailed shots of the skirt and the print so you can get a good look at it!
(Click the pics to see a bigger version)

Close up of the print and the lace.

Come see me at NYAF~! I'll be in the artists alley every day! And come see the Neo-victorian fashion show on Sunday!


  1. Omg it's gorgeous!!! I love the print as well, and the lace is such an elegant style! XD How much did you sell them for?