Friday, July 16, 2010

Otakon and some fab cards~!

The Otakon Lolita show is happening! I'm pleased to announce for sure that the 2010 Otakon Lolita fashion will be going on this year!
I Do Declare will be showing new looks alongside Morrigan NYC, Perinanth, O so Wrong O so Right and Lolita Nouveau!

I'm really excited to have all these wonderful designers along for the ride this year! If you happen to be attending Otakon this yeat please stop by and say hello after the show~!

And I will for the first time ever be prepared with bussiness cards! They aren't to fancy but I think they are cute (in a darkish sort of way)


  1. It will be interesting to see some newer designers in the mix! I can't wait for the show XD

  2. Totally can't wait for the show!

    The card looks nice, don't worry!

  3. Hey Doll!

    I was very much impressed by your lolita design. I am honored to have met you. I hope that I will be able to purchase some of your outfits one day, but I am definitely not a size 28 inch waist like the one on one of your outfits. I wouldn't mind scrounging up money for you to custom design me a simple outfit.

    Bless you for your time,

    Kim N.
    Texan (The Asian girl in the bright pink shirt while we were at h.Naoto's fashion show.)