Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For my Sweets: CREMExDExMENTHE

Mint is one of my favorite flavors. I love mint Ice cream, and mint gum and mint anything really~! So when I decided to make a mint dress I thought I might as well make it with all the elements I love in dresses.

It's a super soft cotton velvet with long full sleeves, a dropped waist, pleated skirt, and a lace yoke collar. haha It's not to much is it?

I really love the luster this fabric has and yet in person it's not shiny at all and just reads as a really beautiful rich green. I think deep rich colors like this are gorgeous with lolita styles. The color and the fabric make it seem so luxurious!

I hope you guys like it~! I also added a few of the items form the show to the etsy shop! I'm sorry I'm being so slow with everything.


  1. *0* So cute, even though it's me haha. I didn't know how I looked with the whole ensemble though <3 Thanks again Kelsey <333

  2. I love the whole thing! Although- I will admit that I have an incredible dislike of velvet, but I would happily bear with the feeling for the shape and style of the dress. The green is such a gorgeous colour.