Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello lovelies~! Here is another look from the Dances of Vice show in December! For once I finally did some boystyle. If you know me in everyday life you'll know that I ADORE menswear. I love button down shirts, menswear fabrics, and above all else I love bow ties~! This particular look was originally supposed to be worn by a man. . but sadly it had to be switched at the last second. The lovely Koda of Perinath stepped up the the plate and wore this look for me.

The salopette is made in a very fine black wool with red pinstripes and it's lined in red as well. The shirt is a men's style peter-pan collar shirt with red and taupe stripes.

I love salopettes because they are so comfortable! And i love the practicality. I made this one with roomy pockets for everything you need to carry!

The bow tie, hat, and shoes are all vintage, but in the summer collection I'm hoping to make my own bow ties! I hope you all liked this look!

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